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Complete LCD Solutions
Character, Graphic, Analog, Digital, Monitors, CCD Cameras, COG, Touch Panels
Back Planes
Assemblies, Std and Custom
High voltage AC&DC, Motor run, Aluminum Electrolytic, Polyester, Polypropylene, Ceramic, Polymer, and Supercaps
Press fit, SMT, Solder, Mixed Signal, D-Sub, 2mm, DIN41612, RF, Terminal Blocks, Battery Clips
DC Fans with Thermo sensing and Tachometer Feedback
Filters, Inductors, and Transformers
Power, Pulse, Chokes, ISDN, Audio, EMI & RFI Filters
Printed Circuit Boards
SSD, "Punched", Thick film Resistors, DS converted to SS
MOSFET drivers, IGBT, FRED, Rectifier, Thyristors, Pwr Modules, Memory, DataComm, Ethernet, Mux/Demux, RF Band pass, Single chip Power supplies
Temperature Sensors
NTC Thermistors, Custom Temperature Sensor Assemblies
Power Conversion
AC/DC and DC/DC Converters; Transformers; SMT and Through-hole
Optical Devices
LED Components, Modules, Assemblies, Technical Solutions
Audio Devices
Piezo Devices, Buzzers, Speakers, Microphones, Headsets
Switches and Relays
PCB and Panel Mount Switches and Relays, SMT and Through Hole
Mechanical Devices
Test Leads, Jacks, Plugs, Posts, Patch Cords, Test Leads, Trunking Systems, Cord Grips, Enclosures, Ferrules, Marking Systems, Metal Stampings, Plastic Injection
Lithium Batteries, Main Power and Back-Up